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General FAQs

Notice: Users of Windows 8 & Internet Explorer 10, 11 or  other browsers (trouble viewing)

You need to check the Compatibility View to view this site. Make sure the Menu Bar is displayed at the top right of the browser. This is the menu bar that shows “File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help”. Go to “Tools” – half way down the drop down select “Compatibility View”. The site should display.

Is there any software or hardware restriction that may cause problems?
 Yes. In order to print forms on the site you need to have the most updated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click Here to download the latest version
Who are the primary users of "the"? There are two primary user Member groups. The first group is made up of the partner state soccer associations. The second group includes coaches, team managers, and administrators of these state associations.
The Notification to Travel Form asks me if I’m going to a “Restricted” or Unrestricted” tournament? What is this? A “Restricted” tournament is one in which team participation is limited to US Youth Soccer teams. An “Unrestricted” tournament allows US Youth Soccer teams as well as other United States Soccer Federation teams to participate. A pop-up box with a more detailed explanation appears on the form.
What services are reserved for Members only? 
Only Members can apply to host tournaments and apply for notification to travel and guest player/player loan agreements. 
Can Non-members access and use the site? Yes, anyone may access the site to find and register for a tournaments.
Why do I have to register? Members by registering, you are allowing the site to save general information about you and your team that will enable pre-population of forms when you return to use the site in the future.
What if I forget my username and/or password? Like all other registration sites "the" has a “Forgot Password?” prompt to assist you with finding your password. If you forgot your username you will need to contact your State Association. They will assist you in finding your username.
Will I be able to keep my password from year to year? Yes, make sure you save your username and password.
Can we pay for services with a credit card or check? The site will prompt you every time a payment is required and give you your payment options.
If we haven’t answered your question, please contact us at 

Text Editor (WYSIWIG) - Are you having trouble viewing or using the text editor? If you are having trouble with the text editor you need to use Internet Explorer 9. Other browsers seem to have issues.
Under Host A Tournament – I need certain information to be able to fill out the Application to Host and Hosting Agreement. Is there anywhere I can find the information needed before I go into the Host A Tournament section? Yes - we have a Word document that shows you the information needed – Click Here to View
Do I have to apply and request approval for my tournament through ""? Yes. If you are applying for sanctioning in one of the partner states listed on the HOME page – you MUST use this site to request sanctioning of your tournament from your state soccer asscoaition. 
Can I edit the application? Yes, you can edit the application before hitting “submit.” If there is an error in the application after submitting, contact your state soccer association office for directions.
Is there a “time-out” period with completing the application? Yes, if you do not work on the application for a period of 20 minutes, the site will “kick you off.” In this case you may lose your previously completed work. 
When I hit “submit,” it seems as though it moves slowly or freezes. How do I prevent this? Anytime you hit “submit,” the site pauses to replace and reload. It may take a few seconds so be patient. Do not hit submit again. It will not make the site move faster and it will also send duplicate notices of the submission to the state soccer association.
Why must I register to use this site? When you register as a tournament director, a portion of your first application will be pre-populated with your vital information. When you apply for the tournament in the future, the application will be pre-populated, potentially having only to change dates. 
How much does the application cost? Each state soccer association sets the cost of the application to host and in most cases it is the same as previously paid. The cost for applying and payment options will be relayed during the application process.
Are there other fees I will have to pay? If you wish to participate with one of our third-party vendors fees will be charged. Those fees are set by the Vendor.
May I use my own tournament website rather than this one? Yes. In completing the application you will be prompted to provide a URL for your site.
What if my tournament is a small tournament with only local teams participating? Your tournament will have full access to all available services regardless of size or hotel rooms used.
If we haven’t answered your question, please contact us at